Achievements in Law Practice


Mediator by appointment of Los Angeles County Superior Court

Trusted by Los Angeles Judges to preside over negotiations in large and small disputes. Successfully mediated disputes over many types of contracts, fraud, consumer debt, business disputes, tenant and landlord cases, auto collisions with extensive injury, and damage claims against public entities. Successful in well over 90% of all mediations supervised.

Special Master by Appointment of the State of California

Trusted by the State Bar and judges in six Counties to protect the rights of patients and clients when physicians and lawyers are subjected to searches by California law enforcement authorities. Acting as a neutral, I have helped resolve disputes between police investigators and professionals at the scene of law enforcement searches. As Special Master, I report to the chief criminal judge of the county in which I am called to serve.

Fee Arbitrator by appointment of the State of California Bar

Resolving disputes between clients and lawyers is a key element of the legal marketplace and in maintaining respect for the legal profession. The organization that licenses all lawyers in California has appointed me an arbitrator to handle disputes over the nature, quality, and price charged for attorney services.

Lecturer the law and the media, University of Southern California

I have lectured classes at USC on the interplay of law and the media in 2012. Drawing on 35 years as a professional writer, editor, and journalist, my topic has been how the media impacts the course of justice, and ethics in journalism in the context of justice reporting.

Presenter Bench/Media Committee, Los Angeles County Superior Court

Developed and presented a joint program on the impact of the media on trial justice for the Judges of the Los Angeles County Superior Court in 2008. Member of a committee designed to further court/press cooperation in high-profile trials in Los Angeles County Superior Court.